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Or improve the presence you have?

Your Customers Are Online.
You Should be Too.
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The Digital Economy Program can help.

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The Digital Economy Program is a free service, funded by the Government of Alberta, designed to help your small business expand online. This program will help your small business undergo digital transformations and adopt eCommerce practices.

The program can help your business:

• Improve your ability to reach customers

• Increase sales

• Elevate your business’ eCommerce presence

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What is the Digital Economy Program?

Participating small businesses will receive access to a digital service squad to help you adopt eCommerce best practices that are essential to success in today’s business environment.

Please Note: The Google ShopHERE program has now closed.

How It Works

Connect with a Digital Service Squad

Apply for the Digital Economy Program here. You will be directed to register for an account and will be connected with your local Digital Service Squad.

Receive 1-on-1 Coaching

Your Digital Service Squad will help your business with digital transformation to improve your ability to reach new customers online, build a loyal community, and increase your sales.

Take Your Business to New Heights

Digital transformation is just the beginning. Watch your business grow online with new customers. Don’t forget to come back and share your story to inspire other Albertan small business owners just getting started.

Are ready to get started creating a dynamic online presence for your business?
Apply for the Digital Economy Program now.

Digital Support Squad

Digital Service Squad (DSS)

The DSS is focused on providing 1-on-1 assistance and digital services to small businesses in any region of Alberta.


DSS Services in the Athabasca County, Westlock County, Thorhild County and Sturgeon County areas will be provided by Community Futures Tawatinaw Region.


Services may include: 

• 1-on-1 digital transformation support

• Social media strategy

• Show you how to build a basic website

• Google My Business set up support

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) support

• Help set up a POS solution

• Create customer databases

• Streamline business processes with digital tools

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